1. How can I book one or more escape rooms and when do I pay?

Simply click the “Book” button under Bookings. Follow the prompts to select number of players, date, game, and then add more games if you wish. Once ready you can go to “Checkout” where you’ll be prompted to pay, followed by a booking confirmation via email (make sure you check you spam folder for booking confirmation).

2. Can I use a credit card?

We use PayPal Payments Pro Solutions for transactions and therefore accept Visa or MasterCard credit card.

3. How do I change or cancel my booking?

No cancellations or refunds are available, however you may reschedule your booking using the link contained in the confirmation email up to 72 hours before your booking time.

Note: You can reschedule your booking within 72 hours by sending an email to for a $29 administration fee, or reschedule within 24 hours for a $49 administration fee . Alternatively, you are welcome to pass on your booking to somebody else, but let us know the names of the people by sending an email to

4. Can I purchase a gift voucher and how do I redeem it?

Simply click the Gift Voucher "BUY NOW" button on the Bookings page. If you already have a voucher please click “REDEEM”.

5. Is it possible to book in for special events and corporate team building activities?

Yes. Please contact us via email to make special arrangements or simply book multiple rooms online.

6. Is there an age limit?    

No. However under 16 year olds must attend with an adult.

7. The number of people showing up may differ from the number that was booked. Is this a problem?   

No problem, provided the size of the team does not exceed the maximum of capacity of the game. Depending on the game the maximum capacity is between 6-12 players.

8. What's the ideal team/group size for an escape room?   

More people equals more excitement and fun. That said, small groups will of course have fun, but the experience will be different. Why not try both? We have many rooms. Please note, the maximum number of participants is between 6-12 players depending on the game to prevent over-crowding. 

9. Are there any health conditions that would prevent a player from playing the escape room game?   

Our aim is not to scare people. Also there are no physical activities involved at all. That said we expect that the enigmatic environment and game will raise people's adrenaline levels. If you have any special conditions or questions please send us an email

10. Am I going to be physicalLY trapped inside the room?   

No. Safety is always our first priority. The entrance is unlocked and you can leave at any time.

11. Are all rooms of equal difficulty?  

We have many escape rooms, and they are each very different in terms of story, environment, and game flow, therefore each offers a different escape room experience. Though the difficulty is set by the teams themselves, generally we have found that Big Brother stands out as the room with the greatest challenge. Just try one and feel the Rush. What’s more important is “Can you Escape?”

12. When should I arrive? What if I’m late?  

Your punctuality is greatly appreciated! It would be best to arrive 15 minutes before your booking time. If you are late you’ll have less time to play in order to allow the next team/booking to start on time.

13. How do I get there?  

A Google map is located on our Contact page. 


We are located only metres away from the South Yarra train station. Plan your trip with Metro Trains.


Trams operate along Toorak Rd, as well as Chapel St which is only metres away. Plan your trip with Yarra Trams.


See plenty of parking options only walking distance away.
Jam Factory is just a 7 minute walk, and parking rates start from $7 for 5hrs open 24/7 (weekends are $7 per day).  
Please check rates and opening hours before you arrive.

14. What to Bring? Any suggestions before we start the escape game?  

You, your friends, and colleagues, and get prepared to have fun. In order to ensure an hour of uninterrupted fun, if possible, please use the restroom before the game starts and mute or power off your mobile phone and give it to the Game Master before entering the game area.

15. How long does it take to finish the game? 

It depends on your performance. When the game starts, you have 60 minutes to escape, so the game never lasts more than an hour.

16. Where can I find the terms and conditions? 

Look at the bottom of our page. You will also have to sign a liability waiver before the game starts.

17. I'm a potential investor (franchise partner), what do I do?

You can contact us via email, and our management will call you back in 2-3 business days.