You haven’t truly lived until you’ve been forced to utilize every wit, brain cell and IQ point at your disposal to solve an intricate series of clues, each more challenging than the last, to ultimately win back your freedom. Many a foolhardy hero has sauntered up our front steps believing they will best our Melbourne escape rooms singlehandedly, smashing the fastest time records to the adoring cheers of their friends and family. Time and time again however, the foolish hero has quickly realised that this is not an escape game that any one person can tackle on their own. Make sure you choose your team carefully however, because you’re going to be relying on their collective problem solving skills to help you escape within the 60 minute time limit.

When you visit Rush Escape Game – no one escapes alive, uhh I mean alone, no one escapes alone! We promise we won’t leave you trapped in there for all eternity… probably. So why not challenge yourself and try the best, most adrenaline pumping escape rooms in Melbourne, Australia today - play the game and challenge your skills to the ultimate test.

So, you want to play a game? 

This is no hey let’s grab some delicious snacks, turn the lights up real bright like, chuck on our favourite So Fresh music CD and play some family friendly board games type of game. If you visit our escape rooms in Melbourne, then it goes without saying that amateur hour is over. So flip back your metaphorical thinking cap, dial the intensity level up to extreme and prepare yourself for the most challenging 60 minutes of your life.

These immersive puzzle rooms might look deceiving at face value, but don’t let yourself be lured into a false sense of security. This is not as simple as locking yourself in a broom closet, spinning around real fast 20 times and trying to fumble for the door handle whilst wearing oven mitts. This is the latest live escape room Melbourne has to offer.   

What’s your escape room game of choice?

Unlike most super max prisons, we actually give our volunteer escapees the freedom of choice when it comes to selecting their preferred puzzle room. That’s the only freedom you’re going to get out of us however as the rest comes down to you and your A-Team of prison break specialists.

If you fancy yourself somewhat of an upstarting detective, then give our Da Vinci puzzle room a trial as you decipher clues and secret codes to uncover Leonardo’s greatest inventions.

Maybe you’re more of a deserted island kind of escape artist and are after the ultimate escape experience with our Lost room.

You don’t have to be Tom Cruise fan to get excited by our Mission Possible room, so why not try your hand at being a secret agent for an hour as you put James Bond and Jason Bourne to shame.

For more information on our escape rooms which boast rave reviews around Melbourne, contact Rush Escape Game on 03 8395 4309 and we’ll be happy to trap you forever – uhh I mean help!